Cathy Leigh Lamb


Artist Statement


I believe “Beauty feeds the soul”.  I live between a river & the Ozarks in eastern Oklahoma.  My art is influenced by my surroundings & my Celtic & Native American heritage.   Papermaking, printmaking, watercolor, & clay have been favorite media.  I love functional art, vibrant colors, & texture.  I accomplish all those qualities by hand painting on silk with its luxurious softness, flow & movement. You can wear scarves, hang them on the wall, drape them on a table or tie on your purse.  My scarves feature inspirational words, quotes, & scriptures, some include designs or images of a dragon, a river, mountains, butterflies, flowers, trees and horses. 


Artist biography


I create art as my expression of celebrating life.  Art has always been a part of my life, but I grew up loving outdoors, sports, and horses and I was drawn to a career of helping others. Receiving a BA in Psychology and a BS in Animal Science (equine specialty) my work with horses and health traveled different avenues around the U.S. until an injury changed my course on to a spiritual path. Losing a percentage of use of my right arm I also studied various forms of movement and dance.  My healing journey transformed my art.


         The birth of my son led me to study different styles of art and integration of the creative process taught in schools around the world such as Waldorf and Reggio Emilia. In 2002 Sophia Sweeney and I established the Art Connection.  We provided summer art and science experiences for children and adult workshops for 8 years.  After teaching art as an adjunct instructor at Northeastern State University in Tahlequah OK, I now enjoy having my own private art studio.  I believe everyone has a story and I hope that my work can bring beauty, make someone smile or remember an experience in their life.  This has allowed me to bring together all of my training and experiences, create art and offering creative expression classes and workshops.



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